About Us

From Our Family to Yours

Before the Store:

We are an average family of four, with both working full-time. Then coming home and getting the girls off to their after-school activities, we found ourselves at the drive-thru window or grabbing an apple. After making decisions all day at work, the last question we wanted to hear was, “What is for supper.” So we created North Barrie Market to provide a solution for families who want to eat well without sacrificing convenience.


The Store:

We both have always wanted to own a small business. So, we purchased a small storefront from Ron at Corner Market on April 1st, 2022. We quickly expanded the store to include the neighbouring unit, aiming to raise the bar of available offerings. We began by sourcing better-quality products and changing the recipes to have the freshest ingredients. We set higher standards of cleanliness in our kitchen and hired a team that understands and maintains our standards of high-quality meals. Furthermore, our friendly staff always supports and listens to our guests (customers). With all these changes, we rebranded our store to “NORTH BARRIE MARKET.”


Our Mission:

Our mission is to treat our customers as guests, providing them with high-quality and convenient food they can share with others, all at a reasonable price.



Our Expansion

Meet the Butcher:

BAYFIELD BUTCHER: We all love walking into a butcher shop with a large display of raw meat. However, have you ever wondered how long it has been sitting there? At Bayfield Butcher, we operate an 8-foot meat counter that consistently rotates its products to ensure freshness. We are the only independent butcher in Barrie that offers Angus Certified Beef at reasonable prices. Moreover, we can procure almost any meat you desire with advance notice.


H20 on Tap:

H2O on Tap: As country people, we can’t understand why anyone would want to drink pool water. Although there are places around where you can fill up your water bottles, there is no place where you can also pick out dinner simultaneously. So we conducted extensive research on our competition and invested in the same system. We now offer reverse osmosis and alkaline water on tap, and yes, we also have blue bottles available.


Meal Solutions:

At Meal Solutions, we prepare our seasonal favourite meals daily, and you can find them fresh on the counter. We are a non-food waste facility and cook using the raw food items you see on display in our store. Our menu includes salads, soups, a variety of meals, meat pies, and fruit pies. Additionally, we offer the ability to order any size portion of our meals in advance for those times when you are entertaining. Our meals are pre-cooked to make it faster for you to get them on the table. We can also provide party-sized orders hot to your door. Call us to discuss your meal needs, and we will find a solution that works for you.

Aaron & Jennifer Kell


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We Are a Non-Waste Food Facility