We Are a Non-Waste Food Facility

Our Non-Waste
Food Facility Strategy:

At North Barrie Market, we are committed to reducing food waste and promoting sustainable food practices. That’s why we’ve implemented a non-waste food facility strategy that sets us apart from other grocery stores in the area.

What is a non-waste food facility, you ask? It’s a facility that takes a proactive approach to reducing food waste and promoting sustainable food practices. At North Barrie Market, we’ve taken several steps to achieve this goal:

We Source Locally:

By sourcing our products locally, we reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting food long distances. We also support local farmers and producers, often using sustainable and ethical practices to grow and produce food.

We Sell in Bulk:

Buying in bulk reduces packaging waste and allows customers to buy only what they need. We also offer reusable containers and bags for customers to use, further reducing waste.

We Compost:

Any unsold food or food scraps are composted on-site, reducing the waste sent to landfills.
We also encourage our customers to compost at home and offer tips and resources to help them get started.

We Donate:

We donate any unsold, edible food to local charities and food banks. This reduces food waste and helps those in need in our community.

The Future:

At North Barrie Market, we believe reducing food waste is essential for a more sustainable food system. By implementing a non-waste food facility strategy, we are doing our part to create a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone.

Join us on our journey towards a non-waste food future by shopping at North Barrie Market today.